Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten.


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Meet Rachael.
A UI designer with a passion for people and purpose driven companies.


I worked alongside two very talented chaps, a UX designer (Tom Rainford) and Art Director (James O’Connell) bridging the gap between the company’s values and specific user needs and pain points. I was there when the site relaunched and the business shifted from B2C to B2B focus. I translated a mix of big picture strategy and micro level site friction into considered and testable pages. I was promoted and took responsibility for the design team (two designers, a motion designer and a videographer.)

James led the way with a new brand strategy. It was my task to interpret this and redesign a new and more comprehensive UI library. This was more than just a stylistic update - accessibility, legibility and comfort on forms, buttons and elements had to be reconsidered. I tackled designing bigger sections of the site - also spotting where there was obvious gaps for content to be created or where the UI library felt repetitive and uninspired as an experience. With a really solid UI library tested and in place we were able to brief a dev agency with a much more clearer set of build specs - supplied across all screen sizes for consistency. The ultimate goal was to get a built out component library, that existed as modules, so we could test and trial page variations in house. Getting to work out which pages and messages would convert - much faster.

Everything needed to work as a whole, be scalable and fit for purpose. This was an in tandem task - running alongside decluttering and reworking hierarchy on pages, plus guiding UX principles on the volume of content and messaging. It was a huge team effort. I worked on a number of interesting problems:

How do you house so many courses in one place?

What’s a better experience playing embedded video?

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My influences

I joined a fledgling dating app - one that’s very close to my heart… Christian dating. The stories. The challenges. The cliches.
This was one of the proudest moments of my career - to redesign not just the product - but plan how this part of dating culture could be rewritten. An incredible opportunity.

A dating app that started something…

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On launch…

1000+ downloads in 24 hrs 🔥

Four couples got engaged 💍


A baby is due


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I have worked in digital design with everyone from start ups to global brands for 10+ years. I now specialise in UI and relish the challenge of bringing sound, well researched ideas to market. I know how to push brands forwards with bold and considered design that connects and motivates people to action.

From time to time, I send out the occasional email. I share the best I’ve found - that’ll feed your creative thinking. (100% spam free 🐽) It’s my collected thoughts on creative leadership, women in business and darn fine office playlists. Oh yeh.

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