I’m a values orientated designer.

I love to create products that empower people and they want to tell others about. I’ve designed solutions from helping people find their soul mate to banks up-skilling their staff. I enjoy working on the big idea and figuring out how to make things better for fat fingers on a screen.

I started out as a self taught coder working in a factory to app co-founder in 10 years. That experience gives me a great deal of empathy and love for seeing others achieve and grow. I’m a big believer in great teams. And a great mission. If the mission out runs the well-being of the team you’re stuffed.

I would love to connect with companies that are driven by values that serve people: education; eco; mental health; food & well-being; quality products; self development; faith orientated.

I also need a job. So am open to offers.

Connect with me:

07812 251 355

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