Superheroes & the importance of internal briefs

This was a couple of days work at LateRooms that stuck in my head for creative freedom. “Can we get something a bit fun and eye grabbing for our charity day Rach?” was pretty much the brief. I have noticed a bit of a habit, client and agency side, to hear the words “it’s just internal” and see the knowing look between designer and suit to say “yes, make it a quick job please.” Even a more contentious challenge in a work place that can hold site traffic and sales in high esteem. There’s ways and means of justifying time spent say on a HR project if we see a direct result between creative thought process and quality of recruitment results. But a charity event or internal messaging, that’s a little trickier to quantify.


I’m certainly not in any blindfolded camp of spending hours to craft and perfect without considering why… but I do think having more open ended briefs to play with, are thoroughly vital to creative teams. I did see (and certainly practice in my own work life) the stellar benefit of a hack day. My first encounter was working in the office above the thoroughly unique MadLab in the Northern Quarter. They’re uniquely positioned in Manchester’s favourite agency spot, to be bucking the trend of quantifiable and data driven practice. But their hack day habit; feeds and complements what it means to be a ‘digital creative.’ We value good commercial sense. But I feel it’s helpful for teams to flex their vision and see how the humble internal brief or booking a hack day, ultimately feeds creative heads. And that in turn, elevates ‘play’ higher as a currency in business.


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