I created these illustrations back in 2012 for Curious Minds - an organisation dedicated to improving young people’s lives through great art and culture. I’m not a lettering artist or illustrator. Although I do have a soft spot and appreciation for both. UI/UX enables designers to tackle the everyday and common problems a product can solve. I love the impact on ordinary moments an interface can create. And the reaction - why hasn’t anyone done this before?! Great product design can solve invisible irritations that’s embedded into an industry. Monzo’s coin jar and round up features are a good example. These are made with flair and delight. Next time take your phone off silent when someone pays you.

Product design is evaluated within milliseconds and can make or break a brand’s perception and like-ability. I know it really helps me create stuff that doesn’t need to be functional. I get really drawn to words. I’m an avid reader, podcast devourer and feel connected and inspired when I’m learning. Words, prayer, devotions and mindsets are all connected into my faith. I was delighted to find the seriously talented Dana Tanamachi had created a huge labour of love - an illustrated Bible.

In terms of lettering tools, I think Procreate bridges a really interesting gap between paper, ink and editability on screen. It’s really powerful and affordable at under a tenner, you just need the cash for an iPad Pro and pencil. The work that can be produced digitally is genuinely impressive.

There's an interesting kick back to flat design as the internet grows up. Design disciplines grow and new tool kits enable more. We can underestimate how much our toolkit influences the end result. Procreate really opens up new directions for lettering art - designers can put their truer, personalised stamp on work. And there’s less of the likelihood for someone to guess did you make that in Photoshop or Illustrator?


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